Wearable Coiled "Armor"

I think of it as a sort of protective armor.

Cause I feel like a lot of the time I'm a whole lot of mess on the inside that I don't let anyone see.

So the outer appearance is soft and liquid and cozy but you're putting it on to cover something up, some sort of insecurity, like body image or self consciousness or low self esteem or relationship issues or stress.

When you have it on, it presses down on you cause it's heavy. So it's ironic that it looks so soft and comfy because it's actually covering up some gnarled things and creating a pressure to let you know that those problems are still there, that they exist.

But, sometimes pressure over pain is good. Like when you want to stop bleeding you apply pressure or if you have really bad cramps or aches, pressure makes it not as severe. Sometimes pressure is almost calming too like being back in the womb. So the pressure of this wearable weighs down in comfort- it reminds you the demons you fight on the inside are still there, but it suppresses those demons, it shields you from them because it crushes them. It defeats them. It protects.

With this armor on, you are unbreakable. You are invincible. 



Nylon rope was used as the core for this wearable with cotton yarn coiled over the top. The sheen of the nylon rope was covered by the cotton yarn, creating a piece that looks soft and comfortable from outward glance but is heavy and sturdy due to the rope. It has the appearance of a fisherman's sweater but the weight of armor.